Updated Dec. 2019
Updated Dec. 2019

How long will the project take?
The overall project will take approximately 16-18 calendar weeks.

  1. When will the project start?
    • Mobilization is expected to take place the first two weeks of June. Heavy construction activity to follow.
  2. How will it affect parking?
    • Approximately half of the parking lot (closest to the building) will be fenced off and serve as a staging area during construction. The remainder of the parking lot will be available for customer parking.
    • Note: All workers are expected to park off-site during the duration of the construction project (exceptions being made for critical deliveries, specialty equipment, etc.).
  3. How will it affect pedestrian/customer walk-traffic?
    • Safety is our #1 concern. As such, we will utilize specialty barriers, scaffolding walk-tunnels, and critical signage to protect and direct people while on the site.
    • With advance notice to the tenants, certain areas/zones will be temporarily closed to all pedestrian traffic.
    • High-risk activities will be coordinated during off hours.
  4. How much noise, dust, vibration, etc. will it cause?
    • During most days, the noise, dust & vibration will be at low-levels. However, there will be intermittent times of high-noise/dust/vibration activities throughout the entire construction schedule.
    • Concrete cutting will cause the most dust, vibration and noise. The good news is, when it is required, the actual duration will be less than one day. The bad news is, these activities will be required and numerous times throughout the entire schedule. Again, we understand the need for proper communication.
    • We have planned for intermittent site cleaning and window cleaning services throughout the course of the project to keep things as orderly as possible.
  5. Will I have to close my store/business during construction? If so, how long?
    • All businesses will need to be closed for up to one day at a time. We expect this to mostly occur only with downstairs tenants. It is required because work is being performed immediately outside the entrance(s) to the buildings. Extreme communication and coordination will occur in the weeks/days leading up to these critical times. Contractor recognizes the critical need to limit any disruption to business hours of the tenants.
  6. How will I know what is upcoming with respect to construction work & schedule?
    • We will install a display board downstairs whereby scheduling, phasing and construction updates will be posted. It is highly recommended that all business tenants check this area daily for changes. Although the Contractor will make every attempt to communicate and post timely construction sequencing information, it is ultimately up to the individual tenants to schedule their business activities accordingly.
    • Note: Once the project has been started, construction will move forward regardless if tenant is informed or not. Although the Contractor will be respectful of tenant needs during construction and communicate accordingly, tenants will have no authority to modify, schedule or change construction scope, sequencing or means. Any critical requests in these areas should be brought to the Property Manager for consideration.
  7. Who should I contact if there is an issue or question?
    • J2 Solutions will have a qualified full-time presence on the jobsite to monitor and schedule construction activities. Also, to make sure all policies regarding parking, logistics and safety are being adhered to.
    • Any safety or site logistics questions should be directed to the Contractor’s representative immediately.
    • All other questions should be directed towards the Property Manager (Arthur Trammell).
  8. How is the project going to be approached with respect to phases?
    • This project is being approached in phases or zones vs. an all-at-once approach. Although much more costly for the Owners, this minimizes overall tenant impact and provides for more pedestrian access & worker safety.
  9. How will affect my storefront?
    • From the outside (at a distance) the whole building will have a new façade. However up close to the individual storefronts, the only discernable change will be the new surface coatings on the walkways (pavers downstairs, new epoxy upstairs). No changes are planned to the existing storefront glass, doors or exterior signage.